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Message Lisa to schedule your class today! Initial class cost is $20 and includes a copy of Apples and Alligators mailed straight to you!

I can’t say enough positive things about Lisa’s sign language classes. My two daughters are 11 and 6 years old and they loved every minute spent with Lisa learning sign language. Lisa’s program starts off with a level one course that’s fun for everyone. Whether you’re young or old you have the ability to learn sign language at a simplified level. My daughters were so excited about the opportunity to learn the pledge of allegiance in sign language that they asked their music teacher if they could perform it at the school talent show. It was amazing! My daughters received many complements after the talent show. We can’t wait to sign up for the next level.

~Chelsea R


Lisa is very knowledgeable, caring, and instructs her classes with a self discovery type environment. I would highly recommend anyone to attend her courses of study that are interested in learning and retaining sign language.

~ Phillip R

I took this class with my husband who was doing it because I asked him to but he loved it and always enjoyed going to class. We had kids as well as adults and it was so much fun learning from all.

~ Lisa M

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