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Dyslexia Tutoring

Dyslexia statistics:

Stats & Facts •1 in 5 of all people worldwide have dyslexia. – Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity.

• 8.5 Million American students have dyslexia. – Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act (READ Act) (H.R. 3033)

• 85% of students with Learning Disabilities have dyslexia. -

• Only 68% of students with Learning Disabilities leave high school with a regular diploma while 19% drop out and 12% receive a certificate of completion. -

• 85% of youth in juvenile detention facilities have disabilities that make them eligible for special education services, yet only 37% receive these services while in school. – National Council on Disabilities. June 18, 2015. Breaking the School-to- Prison Pipeline For Students with Disabilities.

• 80% of prison inmates in Texas are functionally illiterate. 48% have dyslexia. – Prevalence of Dyslexia Among Texas Prison Inmates. Moody KC, et al Tex Med 2000.

• Students with learning disabilities like dyslexia have a three times higher risk of attempting suicide. – Suicidality, School Dropout and Reading Problems Among Adolescents. Journal of Learning Disabilities, vol. 39,6: pp 507-514. First published Nov. 1 2006.

• 89% of suicide notes have dyslexic-type spellings in them. – Learning Disabilities and Adolescent Suicide. Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. 30, 6: pp 652-659. Published first Nov. 1, 1997. (Decoding Dyslexia TN, n.d.)

Emmadity has partnered with Bridging the Gaps Dyslexia Center to offer Dyslexia tutoring services. We use the Barton Reading and Spelling System. Click here to find out more information about Dyslexia, tutoring and Bridging the Gaps Dyslexia Center. 

If you know someone who may need tutoring services, please contact Lisa at 970-396-6366 to  discuss what resources are available to you.

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