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EmMadiTy strives to teach families authentic ASL (American Sign Language) to successfully integrate signing into everyday life. This promotes multi-sensory learning and creates an opportunity for adults and/or children to more easily communicate. Sign language is the 4th most used language in the United States and the 8th most taught.  Emmadity is trying to bridge that gap. We do this in three ways: 

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School Enrichment Program

Emmadity’s School Enrichment Program is designed to introduce children to the basics of American Sign Language. In level 1, Lisa teaches the alphabet and numbers as well as basic, everyday words in the categories of family, food, animals, colors, vehicles and so much more! Level 2 focuses on emotions, school, opposites, sports/activities and calendar/time.

Contact Lisa directly for more information or to set your school up with a school enrichment program at

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2-hour class - Each class teaches approximately 75-100 signs. Classes can be stacked to add more to your signing vocabulary! Level 1 and Level 2 $40 per level

4 week class - One hour class, once a week for 4 weeks. Level 1 and Level 2. Each level teaches approximately 100-120 signs. $80 per level

Community Outreach

Emmadity believes that everyone should know basic American Sign Language and many people like to learn it for fun, but we also know that there are some people who NEED sign language in order to communicate in their day to day lives. Emmadity is proud to partner with many profit and non-profit organizations to offer classes for people, children and families who need access to sign language classes so that they may better communicate in their homes. 

Contact Lisa at to connect Emmadity with an organization you feel could benefit from her classes for their families.

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