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Ty's Story

Ty ran. He played. He cried and laughed and pretended. Ty loved to explore animals and the alphabet in his very own backyard. He was smart, funny and so well loved. Ty was like any other little boy.


Except he had Down syndrome. He just didn’t seem to realize it. And no one else seemed to either. Because we all have disabilities of some sort. Some we see and some we don’t.

Ty was my son. He went through more in his almost 4 years of life than most of us do in a lifetime. He was an inspiration to so many and truly a candle that lit up the world.

It is my mission to forever continue his legacy.

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Apples and Alligators...In the Backyard

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Apples and Alligators…In the Backyard, encompasses the letter A, where Ty can’t decide where he would like to travel and after finally choosing to walk across America, he prepares for his trip. As he packs, he plans what to do should he come across any interesting new friends.


The In the Backyard series features Ty’s adventures, his friends and the alphabet. In addition to being a fun book for children, it has some other functioning tools:


~  Each book is printed in a font called OpenDyslexic, specifically created for those with Dyslexia

~  Highlighted throughout the series are sight words children learn by the 1st grade. As children follow along at first with the In the Backyard series, then begin to read them on their own, these words will stand out to them

~  Each story features key sign language sketches to aid young learners in learning American Sign Language

~  Black and white illustrations to encourage creativity and independence

~  List of Resources and Parent Tips/Multi-Sensory Techniques for Parents and Teachers

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Balloons and Bumblebees…In the Backyard

Balloons and Bumblebees…In the Backyard, celebrates the letter B. Ty reflects on being BOLD. Bold babies battle brave bunnies and eat blueberries. Bold boys bump balloons and bend branches with bumblebees. And bold brothers. Well they read board books

             with their sisters on baby blankets and let them

        tickle their belly buttons…in the backyard.

Coming Soon!

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